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Trade mission 2012

Congratulations on World Postal Day

Dear colleagues!

Accept my sincere congratulations on the World Post Day!

On the 9th of October together with the postal employees throughout the world Globex Posr celebrates their professional day.

On the occasion of World Post Day I would like to wish you all best luck in your service. Your responsibility towards your job and your loyalty to your profession helps people all over the world to maintain and to strengthen their relations, to receive the expected and important postal items on time.

Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished! Two days, seventy participants and so high hopes for future partnership. In Odessa finished a significiant event in the business area – "Trade mission 2012 in Ukraine". The exhibition organizers "Ukrainian Direct Marceting Association" and PGK company, one of the main distance trade players, have skillfully held the event calling the publicum's attention on the most

important distance trade questions.

Participants were operators of distance and Internet trade market from Europe and Russia that want to work at the Ukrainian market.

During the exhibition it was possible to get much useful information about different aspects of Ukrainian trade. Mental features, income of Ukrainian people and those things we spend our money on, level of industry development, review of service area, clients recruiting and telling about the experience of other company that are working at this market.

The representatives of “Globex Post” are pleased with their participation in the exhibition. Beside the interesting facts about business in Ukraine this event enabled new acquaintance and interesting meetings, the emergence of creative ideas and common projects.

Participation in "Post-Expo"

The only one representative from Ukraine would be the Globex Post. And our participation in this important postal event is not randomly.

POST-EXPO is the best source of relevant information in the field of postal service and it's development strategies, postal operations and technologies. Such events can provide for our company perfect opportunity to borrow the best from the wide range of novelties and postal inventions. POST-EXPO enables us to to strike deals with suppliers, to provide us with good solutions to solve present problems and improve our business.

And all this is for the fullest satisfaction of the needs of our clients, efficient service and dynamic structure development.

To remind: “Post-Expo” is the exhibition with more than 12 years history. This is the most famous yearly event for the postal companies from all over the world. This is an international forum that gives an opportunity for sharing of best practices in the field of new postal technologies.

Additional information about the exhibition you can find here

Globex Post – official sponsor of Trade mission to Ukraine

Globex Post is aware of the importance of distance trading with Ukraine and identifies itself as one of the main players in this market. This is the reason why the participation in the Trade mission is very important for us. "This event has to turn on “360 degree “ all the forces of our market "– in this way Roman Vavrik, general director of Globex Post, commented our participation in this meeting. Roman added "This is not the only meeting. Globex Post is going to participate in other events that are aimed at strengthening of international trade.

We remind you that "Trade mission" is organized not for the first time. The event has the intention to demonstrate widely opportunities and main features of Ukrainian distance trade market.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to establish the unified procedure of removing prohibited items from postal parcels.

As it was mentioned above in the law project N 5062 the rules of the Law “On Postal Services” are suggested to be corrected, in particular to define that the procedure of removing prohibited items from postal parcels that have to be determined not with the Law “On Postal Services” but with the separate decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

On six of may 2012 it was adopted the CMU from 05.03.2012 N270, the document in which are approved the rules of providing postal services. The given rules have the list of prohibited items and the procedure of its removing from postal dispatches. But because it is predicted in the abovementioned Law that the procedure of removing items from postal parcels is determined only with the Law rules of the CMU nowadays this norms are actually “dead”. But at the same time only the Law cannot determine the abovementioned procedure. So the given rule inherently is on a collision course. For adjustment of this situation the CMU suggests to adopt the given law project.