What we do?
  • Globex Post is the private Ukrainian international postal operator with the whole cycle of postal dispatch processing.
  • Globex Post is the recognized leader of express parcel delivery from all the Europe.
  • Globex Post is the expert in the field of parcel delivery in the whole area of Ukraine. Your goods can be easily delivered to the furthest point of Ukraine within 3 days.
  • Globex Post challenges the time. We are dynamic European company, which combines achievements of the past and heritage of the present. We follow the new trends and technologies, and only the best are embraced in our work.
  • Globex Post is moving forward. Our offices are opening in the biggest Ukrainian cities and abroad for the most mobility and efficiency and for saving funds of our clients.
  • We get the result – very soon we have grown to be one of the significant players of the Ukrainian courier, Mail and Express parcel market (CEP market). We provide express parcel delivery in the whole area of Ukraine, mainly in the B2B, B2C and the C2C segments.