Postal norms

Here is the list of main postal norms which would help you to send your post without any problems

  • Letters are packaged in envelopes, special polymeric materials envelopes or in stiff paper.
  • Packets are packaged in envelopes, stiff paper, cases, boxes. Packets are covered with paper tape or special adhesive tape such as “scotch” – transparent or with a logotype of postal service operator.
  • Several things are tied (knitted together).
  • Things and goods must be put into the parcel closely to each other in order to prevent movement inside the box.
  • Fragile items must be put into hard packing using cardboard separators.
  • Accurate measuring devices must be packaged in hard packing with gaskets to prevent damage during the transfer. Devices with glass details are packaged into parcel boxes with special fastening. Such parcels are accepted with the mark “Fragile”.
  • Blanks, estimates up to 5 kg are packaged into the  double shell with stiff paper.
  • Coloring powders are transferred in polyethylene bags, oilcloth, in tightly glued paper that are put into parcel boxes.
  • Friable food and substances, seed, dried fruit, nuts and so on are packaged into polyethylene bags, oilcloth, tightly oiled paper that are put into box with strong bottom.
  • Liquid substances or substances that easily convert into a liquid state (juice, syrup, butter, fat, jam, honey and so on) are packaged into closed containers that prevent the parcel from outflow and are put into parcel boxes in airtight vessels.
  • Viscous, fat substances or substances with strong sent are sealed with scotch and wrapped into greaseproof paper.
  • Fresh fruits  and vegetables are packaged into parcel boxes with side walls which have vents or vertical cuts and also into wicker baskets (except the conical), top part of which must be trimmed with durable fabric.
  • In the case of sending of second hand goods or goods with damage the  corresponding mark has to be made on the form of accompanying address to the parcel.
  • Clothes, carpets and other soft wares can be packaged into soft fabric.Also it's appropriate to package such kind of parcels into polyethylene bag or other waterproof material.
  • Postal dispatches with accurate measuring devices, bees, seedlings, vegetables and fruit are accepted for sending without declared value.
  • For wrapping of packages or small parcels with declared value up to 200 (two hundred) UAH including printed materials (forms, estimates) up to 5 kg in weight is used stiff paper.