Participation in "Post-Expo"

The only one representative from Ukraine would be the Globex Post. And our participation in this important postal event is not randomly.

POST-EXPO is the best source of relevant information in the field of postal service and it's development strategies, postal operations and technologies. Such events can provide for our company perfect opportunity to borrow the best from the wide range of novelties and postal inventions. POST-EXPO enables us to to strike deals with suppliers, to provide us with good solutions to solve present problems and improve our business.

And all this is for the fullest satisfaction of the needs of our clients, efficient service and dynamic structure development.

To remind: “Post-Expo” is the exhibition with more than 12 years history. This is the most famous yearly event for the postal companies from all over the world. This is an international forum that gives an opportunity for sharing of best practices in the field of new postal technologies.

Additional information about the exhibition you can find here