The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine intends to establish the unified procedure of removing prohibited items from postal parcels.

As it was mentioned above in the law project N 5062 the rules of the Law “On Postal Services” are suggested to be corrected, in particular to define that the procedure of removing prohibited items from postal parcels that have to be determined not with the Law “On Postal Services” but with the separate decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

On six of may 2012 it was adopted the CMU from 05.03.2012 N270, the document in which are approved the rules of providing postal services. The given rules have the list of prohibited items and the procedure of its removing from postal dispatches. But because it is predicted in the abovementioned Law that the procedure of removing items from postal parcels is determined only with the Law rules of the CMU nowadays this norms are actually “dead”. But at the same time only the Law cannot determine the abovementioned procedure. So the given rule inherently is on a collision course. For adjustment of this situation the CMU suggests to adopt the given law project.