Mission accomplished!

Mission accomplished! Two days, seventy participants and so high hopes for future partnership. In Odessa finished a significiant event in the business area – "Trade mission 2012 in Ukraine". The exhibition organizers "Ukrainian Direct Marceting Association" and PGK company, one of the main distance trade players, have skillfully held the event calling the publicum's attention on the most

important distance trade questions.

Participants were operators of distance and Internet trade market from Europe and Russia that want to work at the Ukrainian market.

During the exhibition it was possible to get much useful information about different aspects of Ukrainian trade. Mental features, income of Ukrainian people and those things we spend our money on, level of industry development, review of service area, clients recruiting and telling about the experience of other company that are working at this market.

The representatives of “Globex Post” are pleased with their participation in the exhibition. Beside the interesting facts about business in Ukraine this event enabled new acquaintance and interesting meetings, the emergence of creative ideas and common projects.