For legal entities

We offer our clients a full range of services connected with postage delivering

Our services

Receiving and processing of postal documents

For your convenience, we are processing and decorating required for customs clearance documents.

  • International logistics
  • Terrestrial regular trunk routes
  • Air transportations
  • Shipping
  • Custom clearance

The full knowledge of international legal norms, laws of Ukraine and the vast experience allows us quickly and correctly clear all your international postage in Place of international mail exchange "Globex Post" without sender or recipient's participation

"Into the hands" delivery

"Globex Post" provides delivering of your postage: letters, documents and parcels directly to the sender.

Cash on delivery

The need for cash on delivery function often occurs with online stores or objects that are trading through catalogs. This service gives you possibility to pay for the services at the time of actual delivery.


We've established efficient system of observing-tracking your post. You get the opportunity to find out information about your postage location at any time by receiving messages or making a request of the tracking on the mail server of our site.

Providing IT databases of target audience in Ukraine

Upon your request we can give you the samples of different demographic populations (by age, profession, tastes, social status). This service would be really if Your company is special-audience oriented. So u can save your money and target distribution of promotional materials.